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    View mirror

View mirror is used for production devices in the petroleum, chemical, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, thermal power, food, paper making and other industries, and is an accessory indispensable to ensure safety in production; you are ready to observe the flow and reaction of liquid, gas, steam and other media at any time by it.

Main technical parameters::
1. Shell materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, and glass fiber reinforced plastics.
2. View window materials: soda-lime glass, toughened borosilicate glass, quartz glass, and organic glass
3. Sealing materials: nitrile rubber, PTFE, graphite composite
4. Working pressure (Mpa): PN0.6 ~ 25; it can be customized for customers in case of higher pressure requirements.
5. Working temperature: -200℃ ~ +280℃; -500℃ ~ +1500℃.
5. Flange standard: GB81-59; for other flange standards, please specify: such as HG, ANSI, ASME, HGJ, DIN and JIS

Notice to Users::
1. Installation of view mirror
The flange plate to be welded must be clean and not damaged, and it is welded by professional.
2. Installation of view mirror lens
It is convinced that the view mirror base is level and smooth, a sealing gasket is installed flatly between the lens and the view mirror base, and the sealing gasket is not damaged and does not stick to grease. Determine that the view mirror base and the cover are installed correctly before tightening screws, and then tighten the screws slowly.
3. The view mirror must work within the pressure range; otherwise we can not guarantee the secure operation. Temperature range: the maximum allowable temperature of the soda-lime glass is 150℃, and the range of dramatically changing temperature is 120℃ to 20℃. The maximum allowable temperature of the toughened borosilicate glass is 280℃, and the range of the dramatically changing temperature is 230℃ to 20℃. The maximum allowable temperature of the quartz glass is 1,500℃, and the range of the dramatically changing temperature is 500℃ to 20℃.

Installation of spotlight
A correct voltage must be connected according to different requirements of spotlights.
It is worth noting: the spotlight must be installed complying with the appropriate view mirror device. The view mirror with a built-in switch must be operated through the switch:

  1. It must not exceed the specified maximum temperature at the entrance to the wire;
  2. Temperature of view mirror = sealed container temperature + temperature rise in spotlight irradiation;
  3. When replacing a lamp, it should be noted that the spotlight model and various parameters are correct, and the spotlight base should also be checked.

Note the installation of explosion-proof spotlights:
Explosion-proof spotlights can only operated by professionals, and are installed according to the parameter list of the spotlights.
The line holes of explosion-proof spotlights are accompanied with a sealed cap, which shall not be loosened or taken down.
Replacing or modifying an explosion-proof spotlight’s components optionally will lead to its explosive-proof grade to become invalid.

Straight view mirror

Butt clamp view mirror


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